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Disability: Part of the Equity Equation 


National Disability Employment Awareness Month (or NDEAM) is observed each year in October and is organized by the United States Department of Labor. 

The purpose of NDEAM is to spread awareness about disability inclusion in the workplace. We celebrate each unique identity, skillset, and perspective that individuals with disabilities bring to the workplace, while also recognizing how we as employers can improve our processes and practices to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.

The purpose of our NDEAM Equity Equation Toolkit is to provide resources that will strengthen your knowledge as you navigate your career journey!

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Each year, NDEAM has a central theme as a focus for the month. This year, it is Disability: Part of the Equity Equation.

As the Diversity and Inclusion space has evolved over the years, equity has become a significant piece of the equation.

As we’re heading into this exciting month, let's reflect on equity and the disability hiring process:

  • How are we working to make more equitable processes when it comes to disability hiring?

  • What actionable things are we doing to educate ourselves about the disability landscape?  

  • Where do we currently stand when it comes to disability representation in our workforce and external brand? 

These are all topics employers want to touch on during the month of October for NDEAM!

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